Saturday, March 29, 2008

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Our first stop of the day was at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. No picture taking was allowed inside the museum, so we don't have any pictures to show you. But you can visit the museum's website at

This museum was very well done and I highly recommend that everyone visit it sometime in their life. Because of the museum's subject matter, I would advise discretion for those with young children. There are many things in this museum which will make you wince and want to turn away, but I believe it is important for us to see these horrors and consider deeply their implications. It was an especially sobering experience for me as I considered how we in America are involved in our own holocaust today. Namely, the murder of thousands of unborn children every day under the approval of our civil magistrates. As I walked through the museum, I saw many chilling similarities between the Nazi holocaust of the past and the abortion holocaust of today.

We need to pray that God will have mercy on America and bring us to repentance for this horrible abortion holocaust. I know it isn't a pleasant thing to think about, but inaction and lethargy on this subject is not an option for Christians. We must not sit idly by and do nothing while this bloodbath is going on. May God have mercy on us!

- Benjamin

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