Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sportsman Show

Take a good look this picture. See how strong and confident their stride is? Just you wait, by the end of the day, those legs are going to be very tired. Walking on miles of concrete will do that to you.

"Uh oh, I think I forgot my tickets...."

Shortly after entering the building, we are greeted by a friendly local.

This guy is absolutely amazing! He is a record holding trick archer who specializes in shooting multiple arrows out of his bow at once at multiple targets.


Carmen said...

Were there actually any forgotten tickets(my guess would be "no"). It was a case of that being the perfect caption to fit the expressions, right? Well, it certainly made the photo more humorous!

Hannah said...

lol They must have been "modifying" the truth to fit the picture again... what do you think, Carmen? ;-)

Carmen said...

Believe it or not, Hannah, they were actually being completely honest this time! I checked with Dad and he informed me that he did really forget the tickets. I guess I was too quick in passing judgment.

Kristen Joy said...

"DO NOT TOUCH" it says? With that bear's face, I would think that they could forget the sign!

Michaelmthomas said...

Absolutely amazazaing