Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day Trip to Harrisburg

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the blog. As you probably already know, I was away in Chicago last week on a business trip. The trip went well and I'm thankful to the Lord for the safety He gave Nelson and I as we put in about 27 hours of driving over the course of few days. Since Josiah took over the blogging duties (um, make that privileges) last week while I was gone, it's my turn this week. :-)

A little while ago, a few of the fathers and sons from my church took a day trip to Harrisburg to attend the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show. I went along and of course took my camera in hopes of getting a few interesting pictures. Below are the results of my clicking. I hope you enjoy them.


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Nicole said...

Hey Benjamin!
I found your blog on our good friend's, Seth Hailey.
Great pictures! I had to smile at the one of the guys walking... reminds me of what a couple of my sibs did two weeks ago. They up and decided to head out to our friend's house which is about 30 miles away... they made it about 7.3 miles before I got there to relieve him. :) We are a rather impulsive family.
Anyway, great work!