Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Check out that fierce looking figure in the background. Scary, uh?

Climbing to this location was a lot of fun. :-) It's an interesting feeling to be all by yourself in a small corner of such a large room.

That archery competition looks challenging!


You Are Here

That's good to know :-)


Carmen said...

"Ah..." is typical of what Dad finds best in life! He even has a newspaper! Another thing I noticed is his guilty expression: he knows that he does this far too often!

~a tolerant daughter who has frighteningly similar tendencies

Kristen Joy said...

Whatever that...scary...THING...
really is, it seems to me that it looks like Treebeard on steroids.

Benjamin E. said...

That "thing" is a Ghillie suit. Snipers, hunters, and anyone else who wants to remain hidden wear them.

I like the Treebeard idea too. :-)