Saturday, February 16, 2008

The FAX machine game

A game of fax machine begins. The game is basically a written/drawn version of Whisper Down the Lane.

Intense Concentration

Priscilla, Art Major at Pensacola Christian College, does her best to translate a phrase into a picture.

The results are shown amidst much laughter.

Game Samples

As the game progresses, a music crazy hippie somehow turns into a woman with a basket and a cat on a leash next to a hen on a nest!

This one actually managed to stay fairly accurate to the original.

Time Out turns into The Battle Between Good and Evil?


John-Clay Burnett said...

Hi, I just happened across your blog. Our family loves playing games but i've never heard of this one before. Can you explain how it is played?


Josiah E. said...

Hey John! The game is played like whisper-down-the-lane except phrases and illustrations are alternated:

From Wikipedia:

The first player begins by writing any sentence or phrase they wish, though bizarre or surreal offerings are generally preferred. The next player attempts to come up with an illustration that represents the sentence. The paper is folded over so that only the picture can be seen, then passed to the next player, who attempts to formulate a caption for the illustration. Usually there are some restrictions on what can appear in the illustration — alphanumerics are commonly forbidden — to ensure that the third player cannot easily replicate the original sentence. Once the third player has captioned the illustration, the paper is folded over so that only the caption can be seen, and passed to the next player.

The pattern continues until the game ends.

I hope that helps!

John-Clay said...