Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Visit from Friends

On Sunday, the Girotti family from Virgina visited our church and had Sunday dinner with us. Here are a few of the best pictures that I took.

Esther contemplates what is said.

Indeed, from the look on Jonathan's face it must have been quite profound.

Hannah also found cause for reflection.


hannah said...

Um, Ben, last Sunday was a fellowship meal and there weren't any visitors! Were you talking about the Sunday that we weren't there? The post says 12/4/07... anyway, how many children are in the Girotti famly?

Girotti family said...

Fun to see your post! We all enjoyed meeting and visiting with all of you. Thanks so much for having us.

To the Hannah above, there are 3 of us still at home, with one married brother.

~Hannah G.

Josiah E. said...

Why do you have to be SO precise Hannah? I mean come on what is really the difference between last Sunday and the Sunday before last? ;-)

Hey Hannah G.! Good to see you found us! We all really enjoyed your visit, though I hope we didn't scare you away with our music.

hannah said...

Hi Hannah G.! How old are you? Did you enjoy your visit to IFRC? I wish we could've been there that Sunday to meet you!

To Josiah: *with ruffled dignity*
Jo, don't you know that preciseness of time and place is everything?!?! If people said that such a thing happened at a certain time when they didn't, how would other people learn to trust them? ;-) Or perhaps Ben was "modifying" the post to fit the need required of it to "blend in" lol *runs and hides from Ben's look*

Jonathan Girotti said...

Josiah, no, you certainly didn't scare us away. I was listening to your music on my recorder on the way back home. ;)

We had a great time and would love to have you guys down here.


IFRC at heart said...

Josiah, I am glad to see that you finally remembered the family's last name. By the way how did hunting go? I haven't seen any pics on that.(: Or is that an embarrassing question and leaves you no dignity? Are you going to answer these questions? No, I am sorry (and you are glad) I have plumb run out of questions.(: