Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Timothy introduces a Bantam to its new home. Hmm... It doesn't look very pleased. Ungrateful bird!

Autumn, what better time to do a little construction? No chance of it being too hot!

Is the sun setting or rising? ;-)


Kristen Joy said...

Ha! You can't fool me. I know which field lies to the West of your house!

hannah said...

lol Me too Kristen! (Besides, I think if it were rising, Jo would have a bunch more jackets on then what he has on in the pic!) lol!

Carmen said...

On the "Autumn, what better time to do construction?" photo, the photographer's credit caught my attention- and tickled my funny bone! "Unknown Einwechter" must be a member of your family who I have yet to meet.

Josiah E. said...

LOL Kristen and Hannah, I didn't really think you would be fooled by it, the real question is the figurative sense, is the sun rising or going down on the project?

True Hannah, it does tend to be a little bit colder at sunrise!

I will let you in on a little secret. Both Phillip and I think we took that picture, since we both tried to capture that subject and we both used the same camera, there arose a small dispute. This was the compromise ;-)

hannah said...

lol Carmen1 Either that or they forgot/didn't know which one took that pic! haha We must be thinking alike today, we both decided to comment on the same day :-)