Friday, November 2, 2007

The Picture of the Week.
Josiah took this picture by putting the camera on a tripod and then opening the camera's shutter for 15 seconds. While the shutter was open, he took a flashlight and traced the outline of the cider press. Pretty cool, uh?


Well, it's now past 11 PM and Josiah and Ben's creativity is wearing really thin. Uh, yeah... So have a nice week everyone.... Uh, g'night.

(See we, told you. Creativity ends now.)


Michaelmthomas said...

"traced the outline with a flashlight ..."

Mr. D said...

Ah - love the last photo! That's something you don't often see - motion-blurred clouds. :)

Carmen said...

My compliments to you, Josiah, on that last picture! The technique you used is called "painting with light," right? Dad told me about it one time, but I'm not sure that I ever saw an example of it (at least not knowingly).

Josiah E. said...

Thanks a lot y'all! This is one of those photos that I am actually very pleased with, the image turned out almost exactly as I imagined it and since it is hard to tell just what effect a flashlight is having while the shutter is open it is kind of hit and miss.

The clouds were moving quite fast on that night Dale, and with the 15 sec exposure they turned out really nice I think, they have a very silky smooth look to them. Like the endless, smooth, unhurried passing of time.

You are correct, Carmen, the technique is called painting with light, and is mostly done by firing a portable flash unit at various places in the scene. Considering the lighting, the flashlight did the job quite well I think.

hannah said...

Wow, that pic is so cool, Jo!!! It looks like a dark castle from a distance... and is that the moon in the background? VERY cool. :-) Don't know how I missed it before. ;-)