Friday, November 2, 2007

The Phero family joins us and Josiah decides it is time for Aaron to have his first photography lesson.

"Lesson 1: This is a camera. No, you don't eat it."

The pressing must go on...

What would an apple cider making event be without some good, down home music?

The moon climbs in the sky illuminating the shadowy figures below. Yes, he is related to us.

Meanwhile, Ben and Aaron face off in one of the most primitive of games... The Stare Down.

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hannah said...

Aw, Aaron is sooo cute in his little overalls!! Did Ab tell you I put him to sleep in 30 seconds flat last Sunday? lol *smug smile* Ab says I have THE touch lol

But I must say Aaron looks better in his moose hat which he was wearing in one of his earlier portraits than in a backwards ball cap lol ;-)