Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Noor Family's Move

Greetings Loyal Blog Readers,

I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted, but frankly blogging is not my life...photography is! j/k

To tell the truth, I have not had a whole lot of pictures or events in the last month that I felt particularly compelled to post about, and of course the same old, same old, "I have been crazy busy this month" still applies. Well, the moment you have all been waiting for with bated breath has arrived, I have decided that I like all of you just enough to do another post and believe me, if you like pictures this is a post for you! Hmm, I just remembered that nobody even reads my captions anyway since they only come here for the pictures so I will just say that I hope this post's 77 pictures are enough for you!

One more thing, I just saw this on Doug's Blog and it reminded me so much of the way my Dad always read us stories, with added sound effects and accents, that I want to share it in honor of my father. My father is not only a great preacher and scholar of God's Word but is also a great Dad who always took the time to read us stories of faith and heroism in such a way that fired our imaginations and inspired us to do great deeds for our Heavenly Father.


hannah said...

Dads are great with narration and stories aren't they?

P.S. The captions sometimes make the photos....

Impression Sunrise said...

Great photo's! Looks like the move went well :-) Where did they move to?

Josiah E. said...

I totally agree Hannah! I always love listening to my Dad read a good story with his dynamic reading style and additional sound effects.

Thank you Hannah, I am glad that you like the captions! :)

Thank you Tayla, the move went quite well. They actually moved to Tennessee so packing the truck properly was critical.